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As a Marine Veteran who has traveled all over the world, with fourteen years of experience in nutrition, a motivational can-do attitude is what sets me apart from the rest. My passion is devoted to working with people who cannot find the right answers in their life, work environment, family relationships, and spiritual state. Too many times the world introduces so many diets, new trends, and guidance that becomes too much to take in, or no clear understanding of a way out. Most people fall short of their goals and lose the battle against the “Me” woman/man (the fight against one’s self). There are times when quitting looks good. When problems seem insurmountable. When giants in your life seem unbeatable. When the goal at the top of the mountain seems unclimbable. When defeat is inevitable, and retreat looks like your only viable option; always remember it is always too soon to quit. Fighting to lose weight, fighting to move beyond your past, fighting at work, fighting to kick addiction, fighting to understand your purpose, fighting for a better you, and fighting for you to be accepted by yourself. One thing is for certain life does not fight fair and life is a battle that you can win. I have created a detailed plan outlined with a vision for ultimate success. My methods have withstood the test of time. If you give me a vision, I will give you success with accomplishments along the way. 

I will be the first to tell you about the long road to becoming a whole person is not easy. My life story is a story of faith, hope, overcoming anger, and how to forgive yourself (watch out for his interview in March). Abandonment and Failures were never supposed to conquer you, because of his vision that he set for himself. He is a spiritual influencer that speaks on topics about how the enemy sets traps and puts disappointments in your life to keep you from achieving your purpose. I have devoted my life to helping people's spiritual and physical state. I have a master’s degree in theology and am a certified personal trainer with decades of experience.

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Located in Houston Texas

Tel: (281) 546- 0294

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